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ARMS is Nintendo at Their Best

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Having played some ARMS over the weekend (and probably watching way too many Jimpressions, too,) I decided that I would have a crack at doing an initial impressions video of the Global Testpunch.


So here’s a vid for those of you with the time or interest. Here’s a spoiler: it’s incredible.

Let me know what you guys think. I’m looking for areas where I’m going wrong as opposed to the things that work perfectly. If you guys are interested and if there’s a place for me to do so, I would love to do more impressions and maybe even reviews. I don’t like how quiet I’ve been lately. The transcribe for the video can be found below.

Tally ho, Internet! My name is Viexi and welcome to my impression of the ARMS Global Testfire that happened the other day. I would have been out a little bit earlier with this video but basically life got in the way and stuff and bla-de-bla-de-bla-bla-bla... But MYGOD.

Okay, so initial impression of the game, is that Nintendo have gone and done a Nintendo, but they’ve done a Nintendo in a good way. Here is a small selection of the characters you can get at the moment. Apparently it’s not the full selection but I went for my girl RIBBON GIRL because RIBBON GIRL is absolute BAE.

RIBBON GIRL is best waifu. Just *Sex noises*. Yeah.

So, I mean just look at those big blue eyes... Lovely Ribbon hair...


So the way that I played ARMS myself was; I used the Joy Cons because WHY on EARTH would you play /for the first time/ using just the Pro Controller or a normal setup? When you have MOTION CONTROLS! And this is not “Wii Waggle™”. This is the real deal, Bros.

So you’ve got to tilt them left and right. You’ve got to tilt them both together to move around the arena. You can dash using your left thumb, you can jump using your right thumb, and obviously you punch you Joy Cons to punch! I mean it’s as simple as that. So if you punch and twist one of the Joy Cons it tilts (the punch) in a certain direction depending on where you want to aim, because obviously your enemy is going to be moving around all the time. Punch both (Joy Cons) together and you can grapple. And the grapple - right off the bat I’m going to say this - it is overpowered. It is far too easy to rely on. Most of the matches that I played were actually just a case of “Oh, here comes another grapple.”

The good thing is that (a grapple) is easy to counter, but I’ll go into that in a little bit.

You can guard by crossing the Joy Cons together and then you get a rush mode which is where you just flail your arms like crazy. It was basically the way that everyone used to play Wii Boxing, if you remember Wii Boxing? Incredible game, Wii Boxing. In fact it’s actually probably not a bad idea to compare Wii Boxing to this, but imagine Wii Boxing... Spent its life on STEROIDS, then went into a Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Dragonball reference...) and came out as ARMS.

Nintendo have, hones- They have done it again- Look at her. She is ADORABLE. *Sigh* I took a screenshot there because she is adorable, right? Do not judge.


So jumping straight into the Party Mode; was basically the only actual mode that the Testpunch allowed us to use at the moment, but what was really good was that you get this test mode. And I mean, the way that Nintendo have done the UI for the game is phenomenal. So obviously you can practice against moving targets and stuff like that while you’re waiting for a game to start, but around the outside you can see everyone else who is in your lobby. Now it seems like Nintendo have opted to just kind of randomly place you into a lobby of eight different people, and you could see in real time that their health was being affected. So at all times, if you’re in the lobby, you can see how other people are performing. The way that the lobby works is that it’ll just sit you in a pool, and anyone who isn’t in a game at the moment can be just randomly matched together into any number of game modes.

Now this one was 2 v 2, and it was so much fun! I mean, I lose this one (spoiler alert), but this was the very first one that I actually played so I was still very new, especially because I hadn’t played online against anyone else before. Later on I get really good. I get REALLY REALLY good. But this one, you know, it was just trying it out, just to see what was what and how it all goes. It’s kind of interesting - you’ve got this ribbon attatched to your partner at all times, so you can’t be too far away from them. If your partner gets thrown, you will actually get dragged along with them. I don’t think you take any damage, so I think it’s fair in that regard.

No, maybe you do actually...

But basically, it encourages defensive play because it’s not like you can just try and circle around the back, which is a big, big problem in 3-for-all, and FREE-4-all (different pronunciations between the two.)

It is just so intuitive the way that it works. This was actually one of the rare instances where a rush attack DID work for me. It’s quite easy to get punched out of a rush attack. And obviously I got my arse absolutely handed to me but that’s fine, you know? RIBBON GIRL will come back strong in the future.

I do like the little victory poses. It’s very Splatoon. Splatoon’s style kind of oozes throughout all of this but obviously it’s not Splatoon.

Now, I skipped a couple of matches but I actually decided to jump into this one because I feel like this is where I started getting a little bit of competence. You could see there most of my punches were still wildly off-base, because it’s very easy to accidentally tilt the Joy Con. When you’re punching it’s something you’ve got to be quite aware of.

You MUST excuse me by the way. I am sick, and if I am making any horrible bloody throat noises, I will try and vet them out afterwards. It’s kind of like when I recorded ROBIN before about the chronic fatigue, and that was a horrible case of just editing and all stuff like that.

But you can see here I’m jumping out of the way of punches, I’m trying to anticipate the direction that they’re going to go in, and I feel quite sorry for “toaf” who tried VERY hard but didn’t really get a chance to get me below that first bar of health. I’m very sorry “toaf”, if you happen to watch this video and you aren’t a 10-year-old, add me to your friend’s list. I will give you a fairer chance next time when you’ve had more of a go of the game.

That being said, I only had like, 4 coins at that point, so...

Uhm, yeah.

Now, I skipped into this one. This is a VOLLEYBALL mode. Now, the volleyball mode is strange, because in 2 v 2 it was really... It was boring and it felt insubstantial and inconsequential to the rest of the game. But then I played it 1 v 1 and it was... It was tense. It was really, really good. So in some ways, I’m wondering if maybe it was an anomaly where maybe the other team didn’t really know what they were doing which is why it felt so “cheap”? But when I played in 1 v 1, trying to juggle the ball...

Now if you juggle the ball too much, it starts flashing and will basically... You’ve got a timer. If that timer ends - not just the overall game timer but the actual ball itself - if that timer ends then the ball will explode no matter what side it’s on. You just don’t want it to be on your side when it happens. And rallying it backwards and forwards, or volleying it, whatever... It’s a volley ball, so I’m going to say volley, or volleying, it was a case of it was really tense but as you saw there we wiped the floor with the other team and I’m pretty sure it’s just because they didn’t know what they were doing.

I wanted to add this one in as well because my partner FUCKING DISCONNECTED like an absolute SHITE. It’s the only case of disconnection that I saw throughout the whole time that I played the Testpunch, but my partner disconnected. The reason that I added this in is because you would think that I did terribly. But I didn’t! I really managed to hold my own against two people.

You see here you’ve got this yellow area-of-effect that comes up? That actually charges up your special (rush) attack but I didn’t realise until after I’d finished the Testpunch. Every now and then you’d get a green one that gives you more health! I didn’t know this and I don’t think that a lot of people actually did know that.

This is an example of me using my rush attack but I got cancelled out there because I got punched. Oh! what I was going to say about the grabs is that if you get grabbed, all you need to do is punch to break an (incoming) grab - It’s so easy to counter a grab, but it’s one of those things where you’ve got to be anticipating it.

You see here, LinkyKOS is almost out of health and I’m like “Oh, I can take down at least one of them.” But then he gets in a lucky grab which I DIDN’T anticipate and that’s me - I got ruined. But I was so close, guys! Honest to God, I tried my hardest and I ALMOST, almost managed to win against 2 people. You’d think that I would have been ruined but I wasn’t.

I am starting to run out of footage here. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry all of this conversation, and these impressions. My overall impression is that ARMS is SOLIDLY well made. It is incredible.

For this one, I decided to try Helix. The choice of characters is really really good, the control schemes are incredible. I did try using the Handheld Mode controls for the second Testpunch; this is all footage from the very first one, and it’s okay? I feel like Nintendo have made the control scheme horrible on purpose? Because I feel like the motion controls are their baby and they- I don’t know. You punch with the triggers and all that kind of stuff but jumping and dashing is done with the face buttons. And guarding is Left Stick Click, instead of “L” which isn’t used by anything? Like, the fuck is that about?

This is the last fight, and I wanted to keep this one in because it is a very good example of how not to let your opponent win a Free-4-All. If you try and stay away, just let everyone else fight eachother, you can mop up the win afterwards. Now, I had no right winning this one - again, spoilers if you’re that kind of person who doesn’t want to hear about individual game-winning spoilers - But yeah, I won this one.

*I begin to quote Tay Zonday in a very loose fashion and everyone cringes.*

So I have got zero health, and these two are going at it. You’ve got this guy “Perceptus”? I can’t read his name, the screen is really small at the moment; “Perceptus” or something...

Basically he gets ruined. He had full health and goes down to zero. But purely just because these guys are focusing on eachother, I am perfectly safe in my little bubble. So I get my rush mode... And Mechanica is like “Oh, I’m going to beat the crap out of you” and I mopped up the win. It was as simple as that.

I think Nintendo could probably work on a few things like the dependency on grabs and Free-4-All and all that kind of stuff, preventing people from standing out. But that is actually it. I finished like 1 minute before the event ended and this is now footage of me quitting out of the game.

And it was very good.

Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching, I will see you next time.

Thanks many, TAY!

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