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Art of The Rose: NinTENdo Out of Ten

For this one, I wanted to (sort of) design an ad for the Nintendo DS. I've always wanted to work in Graphic Design or Advertising, so sometimes I make things like this as practice. Took awhile to color, but was totally worth it.


I like Pokémon. I like The Venture Bros. Vivillion is a butterfly. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and her husband have a butterfly theme. I still really like the inking on this one.

This is the thing I mentioned awhile back that was inspired by Stormborn's work. He'd done a lovely set of Mario redesigns, so I wanted to try a hand at a Peach design of my own, sort of incorporating her sports costumes in and making it easier for her to run and climb. I never really understood the games where she did so in a floor-length gown and heels, though I'd still keep the look for her non-action-y roles.

Her right hand is posed the way it is because I plan to go back and recolor the original file for her Fire Flower costume, maybe paint in a fireball in her hands.


Just a few quick headshots/other random sketches. Pikachu, Raz, Cousin (RIP Shiftylook), two different Links, Mario, and Heavy Weapons Guy.


Something I sketched up after my brother said Queen Elsa reminded him of Princess Rosalina.


A Valentine's Day art trade for an Animal Crossing thing on Tumblr. She wanted her Mayor and her favorite villager hanging out, and something with the color green. I'm thinking I may recolor this, we'll see.



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