I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Art of The Rose: One Big Happy Family

Just one pic this time, sorry about that! I've been up to my ears in schoolwork, but also working on this on my spare time. Spent a couple late nights inking and coloring this.


Team Fortress 2 is probably my favorite game, and my most-played classes are Medic, Heavy, and Soldier, in that order (although Pyro, Engineer, and Demoman sometimes compete for Soldier's spot). I have a soft spot for all of the members of the Teufort Nine, but Heavy has a special place in my heart. Play TF2, Poker Night At The Inventory, and read the official comics (including the most recent one). My first reaction was "...I like this guy," and I've never looked back. It's impossible to dislike this big, intelligent, affectionate, funny, boisterous badass. So here he is with his family, his mother, his sisters, his teammate/friend/sister's new boyfriend, Heavy's...(Best friend? Heterosexual life partner? Boyfriend?), and of course, their pets.

As always, if you have any commentary or critique, you can leave it here or on my Tumblr.

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