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Art of The Rose: The Path To Pathfinder

The Original Concept

I've been roleplaying since I was 13, but over the last several years, I had several flaky RP partners, or partners who had to quit due to lack of interest, a dried-up writing muse, a busy schedule, or so on. I had wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons for years, so when a friend suggested a Pathfinder campaign, I immediately agreed to try it.


I took a character of mine named Bernadine Schwartz, who had been involved in a fandom RP, and took to redesigning her for a fantasy format. I've been amassing a lot of clothing references on Tumblr and Pinterest, and I knew I wanted a masculine look for her, perhaps a bit pirate-y or steampunk.

Leading up to the campaign, one of my friends decided to roleplay her character Devlin with me, so we could introduce them to each other while everyone was still getting their character sheets ready. Devlin is a Half-Elf Oracle, and we decided they met in-between quests with other parties. By the time the campaign finally began, Bernadine and Devlin were already married.

Tweaking The Design

Another friend of mine, who is more of a pro at Pathfinder than I am, suggested I tweak Bernadine from a Human Cleric to a Half-Elf Chirurgeon and Bramble Brewer. I could still heal my teammates, but I could also ensnare opponents with vines, or throw bombs at them. It seemed tempting, and even a bit mad science-y, so I went for it, even if it meant having to change my warhammer for a crossbow. Besides, changing to a Half-Elf meant I could have a pet Cooshee, a brown and green spotted dog with pointy ears. How could I resist?


You All Meet In A Jail Cell...

Devlin's player decided she'd meet up with us later, as would another close friend of mine, who was planning to play an avian inventor of sorts, but inevitably, we ended up with a starting team of the following:

  • Bernadine: The Half-Elf Chirurgeon, imprisoned after she ran out of money buying herbs to heal her sick wife, and resorted to attempted shoplifting
  • Hidri: A Mermaid spellcaster, who quickly became friends with Bernadine
  • The Slaptain: A celibate pirate captain who SPEAKS IN A VERY LOUD VOICE and acts impulsively. As a Monk, he responds to everything by slapping the crap out of it.
  • Yuki: A Kitsune, currently searching for her loyal pet bird, Dodo-chan.

We had all been imprisoned for various reasons, and after several months, we found out that our Skaven (tall, humanoid rat-people) guards were about to execute us. Luckily (or unluckily) for us, the prison had been attacked, and we used the distraction to escape by a side route. A particularly large Skaven guard cornered us, and Slaptain engaged it in battle, getting severely wounded in the process. Bernadine, thinking he was a bit of an idiot, but ultimately a friend, stepped in to defend him. Luckily, my Throw Anything skill came in handy, and despite lacking any of my Alchemy materials, I managed to grab a wall sconce and chuck it at the guard, setting him ablaze. Yuki and Hidri were able to summon creatures to attack without supplies, and eventually the beast fell, and we entered the next hallway...where we met a strange character in a suit of armor. One that immediately spoke to us in Japanese. Yuki and I knew Japanese and could translate. (I admit, after I knew I could learn six different languages due to my high INT score, I specifically chose my teammates' native languages...and I still ran into problems, as none of us had learned Skaven.) The gender-ambiguous person asked us who we were, and we were about to learn whether they were friend or foe...

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