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Articuno Caught at Olive Garden in Texas

LAREDO – After intense speculation among Pokémon Go players about when and where it would finally happen, it has been officially confirmed that the first legendary pokémon, Articuno, was captured today at an Olive Garden restaurant in south Texas.

The dual ice/flying type, which can be found only in the icy caves beneath the Seafoam Islands in the Generation I games, appeared unexpectedly at the Italian-themed casual dining restaurant chain known for its family-oriented advertising and unlimited menu items.


“I swear, the son of a bitch flew right outta the breadsticks,” explained Jed Foss, 32, who caught the legendary bird during lunch with a coworker. “Me and Ernie [Stubbs] come here all the time ‘cause we work right across the street at the hardware store. So we’d just started eatin’ when I flipped on the game and – bam! – there he was.”

“I said, ‘Articuno, what the heck are you doin’ at the dang Olive Garden?’

The duo report that they have been playing the game consistently since it was released and “getting out a bit more than usual” as a result, traveling as far as San Antonio one weekend to play the game.

“Caught him with an Ultra Ball. Snagged him on the first try too,” stated Foss, proudly reenacting his throw. “He bucked a whole lot, but I got him good. The catchin’ circle was all tiny and everything.”

“I let out a real loud whoop when I nabbed him,” continued Foss. “Startled some people good, but I couldn’t help myself.”


“Mm-hmm,” added Stubbs, nodding in confirmation. “I saw the whole thing.”

While Foss’s find represents the first confirmed capture of Articuno, it remains unclear at this time whether others may be found in the game. So far, the other two legendary birds remain elusive worldwide.


“Man, I thought you’d have to go to the North Pole or somethin’ to find Articuno,” said Foss. “Not in a million years would I have guessed he’d be off of I-35 in Laredo.”

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