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As Seen on TV -- The Non-Televised, Glorious McFist News Articles

Recently, I came across a metric frakton of The Mushroom's gaming-related news articles that I love and want to punch in the face with their own greatness. Then, I got to thinking, which almost always end poorly, and with me covered in sinew and blood — Didn't I do something akin to this a couple years back?


Yes, I did. But it was back in '09. So I was wrong. I did these articles a few years. I'll have to apologize to the neighbors for the deaths of their dogs because of my mistake. But, before I do that, these are the pictures of the articles I made. I can't remember what website I did these on. Doesn't matter either. I can never go back there. Not after what I did to their village.

But I'm going to.

Anyway, here are the pictures.


Made the last one to jokingly mock a young lass I was interested in dating at the time. She was not too fond of the joke. Nor my fists. But, as you can see, my glory knows no limits, except for the word character limit that the site used. I had to edit the crap out of those to make them fit. That's why a lot of people in the said village no longer exists.

To many characters in it! HA!

Well, I believe that about does it for my fake articles. That last part, about punching that gal, was a joke. I didn't hit her. She ran too fast.


Ha! Jokes! We can laugh about this stuff.

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