So lately, people have been arguing over who the greatest DigiDestined from that one Yokai Watch show is. Now, obviously, they’ve overlooked who the best DigiDestined clearly is- Kirito from Bakugan. Now, don’t get all angry because I didn’t pick, say, I don’t know, Marge Simpson. You have to remember, this is my opinion and reasoning as to why Brock from Naruto is the greatest DigiDestined.

He’s the best pokemon trainer there ever was in the world of Monster Rancher.

Often, I hear people say that Sora is the best League of Legends player in the world, but they frequently overlook the great triumphs that rival Dota 2 player Cloud has made. Remember when he was approaching the Carrot Castle in season 2, episode 41? How he faced the great centaur blocking the entrance? Knocked to the ground over and over, the frost giant looked like a foe that Totoro couldn’t defeat. But he overcame it like the Dragonborn he was, filled with determination. Fans of Dragon Ball will never forget the moment he let out his epic dragon shout- “Fus Ro Dah!”- and blew the orc to pieces. Truly, a defined moment in the history of the famous series. Whenever Captain Falcon was knocked down, he was always able to get back up by sheer determination, standing as a symbol that tells people that no matter what happens, they can get through it.


He ended the great video game crash of 19XX.

In the infamous season 5 episode, Pokemon, I Choose you!, Captain N: The Game Master got into a giant brawl with all of the Power Rangers from Captain Planet. After Goku poured Mountain Dew on their supercomputer, they seemed like they no longer stood a chance. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they morphed together to form a gigantic samurai mech known only by the name Voltron. Silence swept across the nation as viewers questioned whether he could really defeat this foe. In a breathtaking moment, the red M&M took a deep breath and muttered the words that would stand out as one of the most important quotes of all time. It was promptly forgotten when the episode ended as nobody was really able to hear something muttered under one’s breath. For the time being, however, it shook the audience. People cheered, crowds celebrated, and people criticized it on the internet. The impact was so large, that it impeccably and inexplicably ended the great video game crash of 19XX on the spot, despite never leading to the creation of any games whatsoever.


He educated younger viewers.

In Season 3, episode 17, Professor Layton and Black Star came across a rather puzzling riddle that they had to solve in order to open the gate that allowed them into Luigi’s Mansion. In big, bold letters, the words “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?” were written. Fans had never seen a question so pretentious and existential before, and applauded the series for its use of more complicated themes. Ponyo and the Daft Punk cameo from Interstella 5555 pondered the question for a total of 6 episodes, until they eventually discovered that the gate was made of balsa wood and that they could easily break through. Fans and critics everywhere were amazed at the insight the character had provided, and recognized the act as a symbol of the idea that one decides their own meaning in life. How they got to that conclusion has never been revealed, as one day they all sat in the MoMA, stared at a painting of a black dot on a wall for several hours, rambled on about consumerism, and then released their conclusion for the public.


He had the best theme out of any character in Sailor Moon.

It went “Da-daaaaa da da da daaa-da-da doo doo doo did-ily-doo dibah dum-dum DAH dee-dee dee-bah doo-dily-dah do-do dib-dub-dub-dub waaaaaaaa waaaaaaah waaaaaaah” and has since been awarded 17 different Grammys at the annual Country Music Awards.


Altogether? Spider-Man isn’t the hero Gotham deserves, he’s the one they need. And that’s why One Punch Man is certainly the greatest DigiDestined!