I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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"Assault Suit Leynos" Returns! Target: PS4

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If you're unfamiliar with that name, you might know it better as "Target Earth". I will spare you how much I worship this series and give some cold, hard facts about this recent announcement:


- Developed by Dracue Software.
- Toru Yoshida (Armored Troopers Votom) as mechanical supervisor.
- Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunderforce V) as the music man.
- Playstation 4 only (for now at least).
- Expect impeding Kickstarter campaign soon.


Exciting stuff for any mecha fan out there. Dracue also released a trailer based on a very early alpha and it looks promising:

Now I remove myself and go play some "Assault Suits Valken". Dare I dream with a reboot of that one next? Yes, I do have the PS2 "remake", but I want something more impressive... on Wii U if possible. Hey, let a guy dream... ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛


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