I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Asylum's official Discord server is one of the best places for a horror fan!

So a lot of Horror fans may appreciate this. Asylum has been in development for a while now, and it has gone through some changes. One of the initial trailer was the one below:

It has changed a bit and a lot of the updates can be seen on their official discord server. They even had a snazzy new poster made which embodies the type of horror they are trying to go for and is itself a tribute to Fulci, Argento and the amazing Eurohorror of yore, with movies like Session 9.

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This is being made by the same developer who did Scratches, which was a very atmospheric game. In fact if you haven’t played Scratches, you can join Senscape’s officially verified discord server and be in the chance to get a Scratches Key, and there are quite a few nice people who love discussing all things horror or videogames, so anyone is welcome and you will get to see a cool game being made.

Even got a lot of great developers there with a dedicated Gamedev section where you can share your games in development and get advice from some experienced developers who have worked on games like
Prominence or are working on stuff like Someday You’ll Return, so you will get to interact or usually be intouch with some really cool devs.

You can also follow the development of the game as the the lead Agustin is super nice (absolutely loves Spider-man, make sure to complement him on that) and loves feedback.

Just thought I would make all you lovely people aware of this! :)

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