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Tell me, do you enjoy games like League of Legends, Dota, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm? Do you also enjoy the Xcom series? Or perhaps maybe, you are like me and you are getting old, and your reflexes just can’t keep up with all those young wipper-snappers. Well brother, have I got a game for you, AND IT’S FREE, mostly...

Atlas Reactor has a story... I guess, kind of... Three corporations are fighting over control of the final Atlas Reactor on the planet in order to uh... do um... things? I think? And you take control of 1 of 23 freelancers that has been hired to take... Look I have no idea what the story is, and it doesn’t really matter. I like my story better: Choose character, join team, kill other team. It’s straight forward, simple, and to the point. Seriously... Nobody is playing this for the story.


The gameplay is where the game really shines. Atlas Reactor is a turn based 4v4 PvP game. It basically plays like Xcom, with a 20 second time limit to decide what you’re gonna do each round. Each round is broken down into 4 phases: Prep, Dash, Blast, and Move, and they happen in that order. Each move a character has belongs to one of those phases so basically a players who select a prep move go first, then dash players, then blast players, then finally your movement for the round. It may sound confusing, but it really isn’t. Let’s Break it down, first up is Prep phase:

Prep phase moves are usually your heals, buffs, debuffs and traps. Think you know where your enemy is gonna go? Lay down a tripwire. Got a teammate about to blast someone? Give them might so they do more damage. You get it right? Next up we have the dash moves:


Dash moves are typically your escape moves. If you’ve got yourself out in the open, and you know your enemy is about to lay a beating on you, now is the time for you to dash. And it’s super satisfying making them waste they’re powerful attacks while you dash out of the way. Try not to get caught without one of these available. The final type of ability is blast:


Thes are your damage moves, your bread and butter main attacks, as well as other powerful cooldown attacks. Use these to kill the other players. These often have other abilities attached to them (knock backs, debuffs etc). Use one of your knock backs if you have one to push an enemy into the open, or knock them into traps for some big damage.

Each character has their own unique moveset, as well as three catalyst moves, which are basically single use items every character has access too each match. Catalyst, for me at least, are usually my “oh crap I’ve done something wrong, and am about to die” abilities.


Basically the whole game is co-ordinating with your team, and trying to anticipate what the other team is going to do. You don’t have to target your attacks on a certain character, you can target them anywhere. Think your opponent is going to dash to that power up? Aim your attack in that area, and you can punish them, but if you’re wrong, you’re hitting nothing but air. Think you are about to get attacked with something big? Dash outta the way, but maybe they faked you out, and now you can’t escape next turn. It’s like a violent multiplayer game of chess, and the turn based combat really works for me.

Poor poor Lockwood.... Doesn’t even see it coming...

Atlas Reactor is free to play, in the same sense that Smite, and Heroes of the Storm are free to play. There is a hero rotation (weekly I believe), and its different for each player, so you always get a nice mix of different characters every match. The only real downside is that you can’t purchase individual freelancers (with in game credits or real money). There is an every freelance ever pack you can buy (it was $30 canadian so I’m not sure what that translates to in American) that gets you every character that is currently in the game, and every character that they will add in the future (and yes, they do frequently add new characters to the game). So basically what I am saying is “What have you got to lose?”

Finally if you feel like trying it out, feel free to add me as a friend Taurenrider#6591 (you get bonus xp when playing with friends). Also, check out the intro video, it’s pretty entertaining:

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