I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Attack on Titan Tribute Game TAY Group

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Please do not post any spoilers to Attack on Titan in the comments out of respect for others. However, everyone should be aware the game itself contains some very vital plot points, as far as the first season of the anime goes. You have been warned.


Hey folks, me again. Sorry in advance for the terrible header image, I had to take it myself.

Anyways, most of you are probably familiar with the Attack on Titan fan game. For those who aren't, it's by far one of the most fun passtimes I've experienced with a browser game.


The multiplayer can hold a multitude of players (capped at 5 for now using Hamachi,) and this seems like a good place to recruit people who might want to play. Download Logmein Hamachi, install, then join the network "Titan Simulator 2013." The network password is "whatisiteren."

I'll be waitin', ya'll.

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