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Attention TCG/ Tabletop Tayers!

So a friend of mine linked me to this snazzy little thing on kickstarter called the Scroll Play, and it looked interesting so I thought I’d share here.

Basically this thing is the catch all for going to your local game shop or friend’s house.


The core of it all is having everything you need in one place instead of in multiple boxes/bags. The main piece has 3 compartments that are closed via magnets. Each of them can hold up to 75 sleeved cards or some dice/ counters/tokens, etc. This whole device attaches to the mat also via magnets, and when you’re done with your games just reattach it ( if you removed it), pack everything up, and roll it back up. The mat rolls around it and attaches to the same magnets used to hold the other side together.

There’s a number of options for colors as well as mats, and even carrying straps. Also if you have a bit of know how and a sweet mat of your own you’d like to use with this, there is a cheaper tier that just has the Scroll Play and the magnets so you can attach them to your mat yourself.

Anyway, its a cool idea so check it out.


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