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It's no secret that we love autumn around here. TUT touched on this topic in the Weekend Forum, but I wanted to share my own experiences.


Seasons hold strong feelings for me. Winter is crunching snow and concerts. Spring is track meets and cherry blossoms. Summer is vacations and family reunions. Autumn is changing leaves, Holloween...

And autumn is gaming.

So let's go back to the beginning...


I was 10 when Little Nemo and Maniac Mansion came out. I had to have both, but for very different reasons.

Little Nemo was this colorful, crazy game filled with anything Nemo himself could dream. Apparently Nemo dreamed about very hard platforming levels inhabited by animals that would help him in his journey.

Let's not lie about it, the hornet, with his flying and sting, was the best animal in the game. Although I was fond of tunneling with the mole too. And that gorilla with a cigar...wow, how things change. That would never fly in a child's game anymore.


And while we're not lying, I never finished Little Nemo. It was diabolically hard, and even with a level cheat that sent me straight to the end, I could never beat the game. Yet I still play every once in a while, because immersing myself in that colorful world with crazy characters is a soothing, nostalgic experience.

Maniac Mansion was a whole different game. A classic point-and-click adventure that was ahead of it's time. It's featured multiple protagonist, multiple ways to "win," and an amazing cast with thought-out personalities.


Maniac Mansion also coined the phrase cut-scenes. And they were skippable. What happened to that part?


The game was also one to feature female protagonists, which I am a huge fan of.


Let's skip ahead to college...

My poor Majora's Mask box. That's what I get for loaning my games out. And why do my NES boxes look better than both of these?


College autumns are Zelda. Sophomore year was Ocarina of Time and junior year was Majora's Mask. It's almost impossible to explain why Zelda is autumn for me. While Majora's Mask actually came out in the fall, Ocarina of Time didn't. I know I was playing Ocarina of Time in the summer, but never got serious into it until I was back at school.

And the funny thing is that we've come full circle. For me personally, I've been playing Ocarina of Time on the 3DS to fulfill that nostalgic autumn feeling. I know many others that are replaying Wind Waker, since it just was released on the Wii U. Others are playing The Minish Cap. I'm finding that the Zelda series are the go-to autumn games more and more.


So what about you? What are your autumn games?

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