What's up TAYbenders?! It's been a while since ol' Stormy has said hello with artwork, but that changes! Are you guys enjoying season 4 of Legend of Korra? With season 3 being as beastly from start to finish, season 4 has a lot to live up to, especially considering it's the final season!

That said, I wanted to give Korra a proper send off, and do it with a speed painting! Check out the video on the latest episode of SeeBonnyDraw here, back with commentary! Yahoo!!

Thanks to commentary, I won't have to type up the brick wall of text I usually do with these kinds of works! The last episode on SBD featured The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie, which got a full write up here because it lacked narration, something I wanted to test out for a moment.


Here's the artwork in full:

The main goal was to showcase Korra's physical side, in a battle ready pose with an expression that relayed a playful aggression. Korra fights to protect the balance as per duty requires, but I believe she gets quite a kick out of kicking people's butts for salary. I wanted to give her ethnic features to make the work more interesting as the pose was referenced from a screencap. Being Indian myself, it's rare you see a brown super hero, let alone a female one so Korra is double awesome to me and hopefully to you too!

Well TAYkin, what do you think? Hope you guys enjoy the speedpainting video and the artwork. Are you guys keeping up with this latest season? What are you looking forward to seeing be addressed before things wrap up? What do you think of the season as a whole so far? Let's talk in the comments below!