I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Still have some money left from Christmas? Want to spend it for a good cause while watching awesome video games at the same time? Have nothing better to do early next year? Then Awesome Games Done Quick is the right thing for you.


For those of you unfamiliar with it: The people from Speed Demos Archive are organizing a video game speedrun marathon once every six months - one in Summer and one in early January.
They play video games as fast as possible, using all the tricks, plans, and glitches possible to pull off impressive times. Sometimes it's just some very good and efficient playing, sometimes it's a demonstration of some mind-blogging glitches, and sometimes they just bend the rules of reality to their will.

They do all of this for raising money for various organizations. On the summer marathons this organization varies, but in January it's always for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
The marathon is highly-successful: Last January they raised close to $450,000, and this Summer they raised $255,000 for Doctors Without Borders.


Suffice to say, this is both good entertainment and a good cause when you check it out. Any donations you do during a run gives a chance to win one of the many prizes, too!

The run starts on January 5th, in other words in about a week. The marathon is streamed live on their website as well as on their Twitch channel (be sure to be patient at the beginning as MANY people will try to watch it all at once).
The schedule can be found here.


As far as the games are concerned, just watch it randomly or look out for the games you've played yourself. If nothing else, give the Metroid and Zelda runs a try, as they offer a good amount of professional gaming and glitch abuse.

Here are the games that, at least in my opinion, will be some of the highlights of the run:

  1. I Wanna be the Guy – One of the hardest, if not THE, hardest game out there. One mistake and you're dead, and there are only a few checkpoints – an error can cost a lot of time. If they can finish it with 10 deaths or lower, that would be quite an achievement!
  2. Bastion – The game can be relatively easy by using only a few or no shrine blessings at all, but then you lack the EXP required to upgrade your weapons and special attacks, which in turn means it takes longer to defeat enemies – which in turn means it takes longer to finish the game.
    Finding the perfect route that has the right balance between difficulty and speed, that will be quite interesting to watch. Their estimated time is 25 minutes, which means they're really rushing through the game.
  3. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm – They already run Wings of Liberty in Brutal difficulty which requires a whole lot of planning and good micromanagement. Now they run the second game which has a strong hero unit, which should allow for a lot of crazy dangerous strategies (ie pushing the hero far into enemy territory while doing other actions with your other units).

That is all for the moment. Be sure to watch the marathon, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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