I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The latest Awesomenauts update is now live! Aside from the general balance and bug fixes, the game has added the character Skree for all those who purchased the Starstorm expansion, as well as an AI editor for bots.


Skree is a character who excells at controlling an area and damaging multiple enemies. His "Totem of Power" ability can block the path of enemies, forcing them to destroy the large statue or find a way around it. His Saw Blades deal considerable damage over time in an area, and his chain lightning auto attack can deliver damage to a group of enemies. Altogether, he's a pretty fun 'Naut to play as if you can get past his lower life, odd movement options, and unruly aiming.

Also it should be noted that we will be playing Awesomenauts for MOBA Monday on the 16th (this coming Monday). And while I'm more than happy to host the game, (Randomnauts, anybody?) I won't be able to stream the game via TAY's Twitch channel. So if someone would be willing to stream, that would be appreciated. Also we're going to need to get on Steam chat or some other program to speak to one another since Awesomenauts doesn't have a build in voice-chat.

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