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I'm really feeling it!
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The first hours of Axiom Verge were pretty fun. Searching for new items, then looking for places to use them. You know, the fun stuff.


However a few more hours in and it just becomes a boring, aggravating mess. Bosses are all about memorizing patterns, normally jumping patterns, and get old pretty quick.

I mean to say that games like this are organized around a few concepts. Namely exploration, a sense that you can actually have fun running back through the game, finding secrets and exploring previously unreachable areas. This game has those elements, but it also has these super-boring boss fights. You just get stuck, having to listen to the music restart over and over.


Seriously why isn't there an option to turn off the music either? I want to turn on music I actually enjoy. It just gets so old.

It's not uncommon for a game to be tuned for difficulty, especially when it's a game not made to be a multi-million seller. But seriously this isn't Cave Story here.

Seriously, there's a part where the glitch gun makes some of the pink poison liquid both not poison and not liquid any more. This is something that hasn't happened yet in the game. There's been pink stuff throughout most of the game too, you could of accidentally found this out earlier, but this is the one time it works.


So I was having a lot of fun with the game when it started, it was interesting and I felt the bosses were okay at least. But the further along I got the bosses became more boring roadblocks than interesting diversions, the general design more annoying than intriguing, and all in all the game felt like something I was playing instead of a good game. Like the first bit of getting stuck on a boss you don't really mind, but at some point you hit this breaking point threshold. The question is no longer if you should stick it out and work on memorizing a pattern but if you shouldn't be learning some other game entirely.

In conclusion, it was fun for a while, the bosses were just boring chunks of memorization and health, and the world's enemies are too hard as well. The regular enemies are generally only slightly too hard, at first you don't mind, but as the game goes on it gets more and more boring having to redo a section over and over because some green bug keeps killing your drone. Oh and that music keeps popping in every single time you die.

I mean my god, I don't know who said this music wasn't annoying. Yeah, when you first get to the area it's okay, but when it becomes the soundtrack to your death march back into the boss room it gets old.

Back to concluding thoughts: game is fun for a while, then the bosses get you down. There's a point where you know the patterns, and if you don't beat the boss around that time it just becomes a drag. The game has received generally positive critical views. And yeah, there is some positive stuff in the game. Just there's a lot of jumping in time to lasers as well. And fuck that noise.

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