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Baba Is You is absolutely incredible and one of the best puzzle games, maybe THE best, I’ve ever played. After ~25 hours I’ve finally reached the end...or so I thought.



When you first start playing Baba Is You and you learn how the game works you start to get a feeling about the world map. In the corner of the map the rules “Baba Is You” and “Flag Is Win” are there. How could you possibly use them? Are they just decoration? As you progress and get towards the end of the world map you find a few levels with the text “level” in them which allows you to turn the level itself into something on the world map.

“Haha yes!” I laughed to myself after I tried a couple different configurations and finally figured out how to turn two different levels into Baba and a flag. “I think I just beat the game!!!” I thought as I moved Baba onto the flag.

How wrong I was.

The screen went dark and opened up a new screen. A whole new area map with a large number of levels. “Goddamnit I love this game”


I spent the next few days going through the levels in this secret area. A lot of them highlighted specific strategies you’d learned throughout the game, it sometimes felt almost like a credits roll of the puzzle mechanics in game form. However, I had the same nagging feeling because on this new secret area map there was additional text. “It’s got to be something” I said to myself so I kept working my through the levels looking for anything that had the word level in it.

Eventually I found which levels I could change into something on the map and I thought “ok, this is definitely it” after a few tries here and there I finally fit the win condition on the map only to find....another whole new area! Then I realized you can actually move the text around a bit in the secret area I just beat to turn the items used to get the second secret area into other separate secret levels themselves.


“Oh my god this game is incredible” I thought to myself. I also realized it looked like I was even missing levels in the first secret area because they were numbered with dots so I still need to 1) go back and solve the secrets levels in the first secret area 2) find more secret levels in that area and 3) start the entirely new secret area. Of course this new secret area ALSO has a bunch of text on the map so....I have to beat that too I guess?

Baba Is You is already one of the most brilliantly meta games ever. Its use of language, reinventing itself, and subverting its own rules make it a constant shock to your brain. To have the ending levels be designed this way was absolute genius. It makes you question what even winning a game means. When does a game end? How many endings are there? How much farther past the end can you go? Ultimately it doesn’t matter in Baba Is You because every single puzzle is so much fun, and that’s the point.

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