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Back in The TAY Review: Guilty Gear

Back in the TAY is a segment where I go back into my catalog of games, and reminded that Sony has now entered the ring.

Hello all, and welcome back! Today's review is one of my personal favorites, and remains to be one of the better fighting games to date. Guilty Gear, the game that paved the way for Blaz Blue, is similar to Street Fighter in the way the combos are executed and 2D sprites. While it may look similar, the gameplay is much more fast paced and has an interesting cast of characters. Originally released on the Playstation in 1998, and brought the metal induced fighter to the world. Arc System's fighter is still referred to as a cult classic, and still going strong to this day.


Choose wisely.

The original selection of characters is a measly 10 character, ranging from Sol-Badguy (great name), to the absurd Faust. I decide to go with one of my favorites, because he has just an amazing name.

The environments are greatly detailed, with varying backgrounds. While the graphics, varied fighters, and easy-yet-difficult combo system, the pinnacle of the series is the music. Heavy metal is only fitting for a game that starts each round with "Let's Rock", and ensues to rock your ears off. The games difficulty is rather balanced, with each character having their own pro's and con's. Some, like Potemkin, are heavy hitters, although very slow and clunky. Faust, which has a large scalpel as a weapon, bounces around the screen, but also has rather difficult combos for beginners. Everyone who picks up the game, either an expert or a beginner, can easily find a character to match their style.


Let's Rock.

I would say to anyone who hasn't played Guilty Gear to give it a definite shot, but not this version. While it is still rather fun, I would highly recommend getting some of the more update versions that came out of PS2 or Xbox. Guilty Gear X and X2 are far superior editions with more characters and settings. With that being said, make sure to keep an eye out for the newest edition to the series, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, which is set to launch on both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 this fall.


On a side note, enjoy some of the amazing soundtrack for this title, and remember, no matter if you choose Heaven or Hell, you should always rock.

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