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Back in The TAY Review: Ultraman - Towards the Future

Back in the TAY is a segment where I stumble through my catalog of games, and wonder what the hell I was thinking with this one.

I remember the first time I played this game; I was about 6 years old and my father took me to the video store. Our trips would always consist of grabbing a movie for the family, and a game for me (mainly because I wouldn't watch the movies for long). When I saw the cover of the game, I remember thinking the monsters looked like those from Godzilla, and immediately wanted it. I played it constantly for the 2 day rental period, and couldn't get past the third monster in the game. Regretfully, I had to call it quits and return it to the store and never thought about it again.


Every time I would bring the game up, I would remember thinking it was really fun and how I never beat it. Well, today I decided to give it another go, and hopefully make it further than three monsters.

Round 1...

When you start the game, you aren't greeted with Start or Options, you just simply enter the game against your first monster. The difficulty cannot be altered, the number of lives cannot be changed, you are just simply thrown into battle. While the game itself wasn't as difficult as I remembered, I was more set back at the limitation of the game.


Then the game started. I, for one, never remember Ultraman walking up to his opponents like a low grade Mobile Suit from Gundam: Crossfire, but apparently he does. Your basic attacks are punching, kicking, and being able to use a charged attack when the meter in the center fills. If, for any reason, you do decide to play this game, the strategy is simple: take their health down until it says FINISH, and attack them when the meter is at L4. That's it. That is how you beat every monster in this game.

While the first two monsters are incredibly simple, it does get a bit difficult on the third one. You fight a monster called Degola, which to me looks like a bad combination of Alf and a member from the Banana Splits. His attacks consisted of rolling back and forth, which hurts your, and shooting beams from his claws, which also hurts you. Another thing, apparently walking into monsters does damage to you, as well as jumping, running, and rolling into them. Basically if your body (other than your fist or foot) touches an enemy, you will get hurt. Real powerful, aren't you Ultraman.


This guy right here...

Not only is the game relatively boring, and slightly broken, it is also incredibly short. There are only 9 monsters in the game, and each only has one life. The monsters progressively become more annoying with each win, teetering on rage inducing. While each win proves to be a small victory, you don't feel like anything has been accomplished. The final monster, Kilazee, is actually pretty damn easy. You can rush in and punch him before he has a chance of attacking, and do this repeatedly until you can obliterate him. Surprisingly, he was the best part of the game, but only for his amazing name. He could be a member of Wu-Tang Clan with that awesome name.


Overall, I would say don't waste your time with his one, especially with the total play time being less than 3 hours. Even being a large fan of Tokusatsu, this game was just not fun. With that, I leave you the same way I always do, with some music:

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