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Back in The TAY Review: RoboCop Vs. The Terminator

Back in The TAY is a segment where I take a jaunt down the days of gaming past, and ask myself W.W.R.C.D.?

Hello all, and welcome to Back in The TAY. This weeks review is a recommendation by TheKaiserSoza, and a game I haven't thought about in years. RoboCop vs. The Terminator is based on the comic by Frank Miller, and melds the two bloodied universes quite well. After finding out that Skynet and the Terminator's were created with the same technology as himself, RoboCop does the only thing he knows how to do: Bring them to justice.


The game itself is a lot of fun, and in traditional 16 bit fashion, proves to be rather difficult. The game is a "run and gun" shooter, much like Contra or Earthworm Jim, and includes multitude of weapons to choose from. The game is set in an even more futuristic Detroit, and while you are hunting down Terminators and trying to save humanity, you must still plow through endless thugs who want you dead.

Dead or alive... Well, mostly dead.

The game was awarded with being the "Bloodiest game of 1993" by EGM, and it deserved it. While I do not remember it being so bloody on SNES, the Genesis version doesn't go lightly on the gore. Each human you kill explodes into a bloody spectacle before disappearing from the screen, almost as if your shots disintregate living tissue.


By far, one of the best/cheapest guns in the game.

While most enemies can be killed in a few shots, the game proves to be quite difficult. I found myself running through the first 4 levels unscathed, only to get my ass kicked repeatedly. While the game offers a variety of weapon pick ups, it is easy for you to lose them. I would accidentally step over a gun I would not want, and lose the previous gun instantly. If you do this, there is no repicking up of any weapons, which means you are stuck with a grenade launcher that will slowly lob across the screen.


Seriously, this gun is awful. Who cares if you can change its direction?

The bosses of the game come from the original movies, ranging from a T-800, to the ED 209, and become increasingly difficult. The last boss in the game, a giant floating T-800 head, proves to be one of the most annoying. It summons multiple Terminators on the screen, while also lobbing missiles, grenades, and destruct orbs at you. I found myself losing upwards to 10 lives at just this boss alone.


Can't make that up.

While infuriating, relentless, and sometimes awful, I have to say it is what I would expect a game to be based on the two universes. Action packed with lots of guns, grit, and gore that will leave you in an adrenaline induced fury when you die for the 4th time at a boss. I would say download and play it, especially for those who like the movies or the comic book.


And now, I leave you with this:

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