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So here we are, end of another month. And so here we are with another wrap-up of games completed. I'm sadly at a slightly reduced rate this month thanks to the unending heat, which leaves me largely unwanting to do much of anything when I get home from work aside from shower and eat. It's bad news bears all around. Though I call it a reduced rate, I did finish multiple long games so eh. Evens out I think. Here we go!

Time & Eternity - I mentioned this last time but I officially finished it August 2nd so it goes in here. What an awful game. I said it before, but it is a perfect example of how not to do an RPG. On any level. Tedious, stupid, confusing for no reason, insulting at times even. And it isn't even a long game. At 20 hours to do every side quest and finish the game (though there are two more endings, I am not getting either one), it comes in quite light, though you'd think you'd spent 100 hours by the way it slogs. Avoid unless interested in a clinic on bad RPG design.


Tales of Xillia - hoo boy was I excited for this. I've always loved the Tales series, cliches and all, due to how personable the characters are written. It's really just a nice trait. Comfort food with a couple of twists. And the combat is always really fun. Xillia's not particularly different, though not without some annoyances.

The first big annoyance is that the move to full 3D environments clearly caused a big hit all over. Your dungeon areas are sparse and small, with little populating them except for loot drops and a ton of enemies. Gone are the interesting and puzzle-y designs of really any of the older Tales games, Graces included. I believe they should have stuck to static camera angles as they could have saved that money and it probably would have looked much prettier and could have had larger designs/more intricate designs all over the place.

The second annoyance is that my PS3 hard drive corrupted right after I finished the game (like the next day) and I hadn't moved the save to my cloud storage yet so oops. Had to format the PS3 HDD and once again all of my non-cloud saves are dead. I still have no idea what's causing that as the HDD checks out fine and the PS3 otherwise shows no signs of trouble. I'll be looking into buying one of those $200 deals and getting a bracket to put my own HDD in that at some point.

Either way, Xillia was about 40 hours long and while I had fun with its combat and I liked the characters (except for Alvin, who just comes across as stupid honestly), I think I enjoyed Graces F more. People rag on that game for the "save everything through friendship!" stuff but that never really annoyed me. Malik, Pascal and Sophie all have such fun reactions and the battle system is so much fun that it's all just water under the bridge. Also it has actual dungeons. Vesperia, Abyss, Rebirth and Destiny are all still better though. Whatever, I just like all of them.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - holy god I was not expecting the game to be so long. 41 hours? 8 hours just for Neo Bowser Castle? Woooow. Lots of fun but it does get a bit overly stretched out around the time you start putting the Ultibed together. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal (BOSS MUSIC OH MY GOD), the writing is top notch, the sprites are gorgeous, and the whole thing is just really well done.

So what now? With September looming, I've got Pikmin 3 to finish up, Killer Is Dead should show up midweek, I've been playing through Earthbound again and Fall is basically going to kill me. Wonderful 101, GTA5, Wind Waker HD, POKEMON, BATMAN ahhh. Lots of gaming goodness.


However, I'm at 65 games completed so far. If I'm to complete the 100 Game Kumite, I need 35 more (I can do simple math!). But I only have 15 games either currently playing or coming soon. So where to get the 20? Probably Steam. But who knows. We shall see.

What of you, Taypeople? Have you done us proud or have you forgotten the face of your father? Tell me of your gaming travails.

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