I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Vital Stats

Backlog Number: 1

Game: 2064: Read Only Memories

Number of Players: Single Player

Genre: Adventure Game / Visual Novel

Developer and Publisher: Mid Boss Games

Time To Beat: 6 hours

Rating: 3 out of 5 furbies

Recommend: Dependent

So I decided this year I’m just going to go through my backlog and play every single game I can. I assume I bought these games for a reason so I should probably play them. The easiest way to do this is to go through alphabetical order, ergo first up was 2064.


I don’t want to write a ton otherwise I will think of this as a daunting task so maybe just a quick bullet list of what I liked and didn’t.


  • Voice Acting. Clementine from The Walking Dead as a Robot. Good enough for me!
  • Story. Kept me interested, although I could see how it’s not for everyone.
  • Music. Soundtrack was nice.


  • Ending: Just kind of a “go visit with everyone and have one last short conversation”
  • Characters: There weren’t a lot of them and none of them really had arcs except for 1 or 2. Some were pretty cliche.
  • Art. Just personal preference, it never clicked with me.


  • Kind of a mediocre game. Everything is just kind of “fine” about it. I can’t really nitpick too much (except that for a game featuring such diversity the dev team that gets pictures in the credits are all white dudes save one.), and I can’t think of anything super exemplary that other games could learn from this one. I’d say since it’s short enough if you want to play a VN masquerading as an adventure game that tries really hard for a Blade Runner aesthetic, there are worse ways to spend your time.

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Illustration for article titled Backlog Files: 2064 Read Only Memories

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