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I'm really feeling it!
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Backlog Files: Alan Wake

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Vital Stats

Backlog Number: 2

Game: Alan Wake

Number of Players: Single Player

Genre: Survival Horror

Developer: Remedy

Time To Beat: 14 hours

Rating: 4 out of 5 furbies

Recommend: Absolutely

Alan wake was my next game on my alphabetical list of backlogged games. I had sort of kind of been wanting to play it for some time but never really “felt in the mood”. This is a common feeling for people with backlogs and commiting to playing games via a certain system can help with this.


Overall Alan Wake was a fun experience. The story chugged along at a nice clip and was engaging. The characters were fun, especially the play between Barry and Alan but even the supporting cast - Sheriff Breaker and the Radio guy Pat something or other... All helped to make the game memorable. Gameplay was simplistic but polished - enemies have a darkness shield you must pierce.with li ght before you can deal physical damage. It’s an interesting concept that is squandered on a woefully amount of enemies (literally: small, medium, large and fast dark people and then birds and uhhhh poltergeist objects). The driving parts were weird and out of place but short enough to not bring the game down too much.

Lastly, I just want to say that Alan wake has, hands down, my favorite collectibles in any game. Each one, be it a TV, a radio show, pages of a manuscript, added more to the overall world and story of the game. I found myself really going out if my way to hunt stuff down because I wanted to read more about the world, or hear what news of deerfest was on the radio. I wanted to find the TV shows and watch shorts based off twilight zone. They were great!


Next up: Alan Wake 2: The Awakening

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