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Backlog Files: Cibele, Crosscode

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Backlog Number: 11

Game: Cibele, Crosscode

Number of Players: Single Player

Genre: Puzzle Heavy Action RPG

Developer: Radical Fish Games

Playtime Time To Beat: 39 hours

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 furbies

Recommend: Yes

Let’s start with Cibele. I’m not counting Cibele because it is so anathema to the type of game i play and enjoy that I could tell from the instant the manic pixie girl responded to her foul mouthed friend with vocal fry that....yeah no. Just no. So it might be someone’s cup of tea, maybe if you thought the dialogue in life is strange was good but needed more “fucks”.


So I’m not counting that towards my backlog.

Crosscode on the other hand....sigh.
From the get go I knew this was going to be a long shot. My goal is to play games that are under 20 hours in length. My good friend Nior (who probably after reading I didn’t like this game is not going to be my good friend any longer) couldn’t say enough good things about the game so I figured even though it wasn’t in my criteria, I’d give it a shot anyway. I’d started the game with my daughter and she lost interest in it so 10 of those hours up there are from that. I started over and at first I thought it might be OK. The story seemed interesting, the characters fun, and the world bright and vibrant. Combat is handled through melee, smash x and dodge, and ranged “ball” attacks. The game does a great job of making you use both types of attacks and not letting you just smash X to win. The problems began with puzzles.


None of the points I knocked off the score were due to puzzles but I’m ....just...really really bad at these kinds of puzzles and they’re not entertaining to me at all. So if playing laser maze is fun for you, you’ll have a great time with the puzzles in crosscode. What’s interesting is the game offers you an “easy” mode - you can adjust how much damage you take all the way down to zero. There’s no “dear god puzzles no” option though so :(. I think it was Alice Madness REturns that got you to a puzzle and then was like ....Yeah? And you could be like...nah. I wish crosscode gave me that option, but that’s like every single dungeon.

Where I took points off is pacing. This game is really really horribly paced. I’ve spent so many hours just meandering around having fun murdering things, but eventually it gets boring and the story just....doesn’t happen. I’m this far in and the mysteries of the first hour of gameplay have yet to even begin to be unraveled. That’s pretty unforgivable. So, at this point I’m going to have to put CrossCode away because I simply don’t have the time available that it is going to require to get me hooked. If I play it again I’ll pick up where i am with the use of a guide for all the puzzly bits because it does seem like this is a good game I just....wouldn’t know because there’s been no movement of the story since hour 1.5.


Next Up: I am so hesitant to play this game because of how God awful Breath of Death was. But someone’s gotta save the world, may as well be Cthulhu.

Backlog Files is a series where I, Aikage, force myself to play every game I’ve ever bought in alphabetical order. Stipulations: If I hate the game I don’t have to finish it, but only if I reeeaaaalllly hate it. Any game with no “end” doesn’t count. Any game that I can’t get to run easily is out. Any jRPG is automatically disqualified unless it has a sub forty hour length. Aint nobody got time for you persona/disgaea/crosscode.

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