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I'm really feeling it!
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Backlog Files: Code Vein

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Backlog Number: 16

Game: Code Vein

Number of Players: Single Player

Genre: Dark Souls, Only, Y’know, anime.

Developer: Bandai Namco

Time To Beat: 58 hours

Rating: 4 out of 5 furbies

Recommend: Yes

Ugh used: 1 out of 5

Remember that time when I said I wasn’t going to play any games over 20 hours? WOOPSIE DOOPSIE. Never fear all 2 faithful readers of these, I am still chugging along although we’re halfway through the year and I’m only on game 16/4000 so this might have to go longer than a year hahahahahahahahahah *deletes life*


So for this one i’ll just break it down pro and con since....I feel like everything you really need to know is that this is a pretty competent reskin of dark souls with enough added flourishes as to make it better.


  • Dark Souls
  • Monster design
  • Game ran at a consistent 5000 fps
  • Not locked into any class, can switch on the fly
  • Level design
  • Bosses are fun and different
  • Character creator
  • Mods....you know ...mods...quiddity knows the kind.


  • Anime dark souls (600000000000000 hours of incomprehensible plot)
  • Monster Variety
  • By the end of the game I still didn’t understand hardly any of the mechanics. The game has a woeful tutorial and then turns you loose.
  • Long - it overstayed its welcome by about 10 hours I’d say. By the end I had turned my opinion from 5 stars to 4 because i was getting bored.

Why did I jump back to C after D? Well I’m going to give myself 5 “ughs” which is when i start to play a game and go Ugh. As in I’m not into it but I should technically finish it based on my rules. This time I am skipping Dead Island (Just really really over fps zombie games) and using an Ugh to play CV instead! I bought CV after I got through the C’s so I didn’t really want to wait ten years to play it so i made up a new allowance for myself.

Next up: Gotta eat a sandwich Zach. Jerry and Tom have a real complicated relationship Zach. Tom asks for it! He likes it. (if I can jump through the 20 hoops required to play this crap ass port)


Backlog Files is a series where I, Aikage, force myself to play every game I’ve ever bought in alphabetical order. Stipulations: If I hate the game I don’t have to finish it, but only if I reeeaaaalllly hate it. Any game with no “end” doesn’t count. Any game that I can’t get to run easily is out. Any jRPG is automatically disqualified unless it has a sub forty hour length. Aint nobody got time for you persona/disgaea.

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