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I'm really feeling it!
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Backlog Files: Cuphead

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Backlog Number: 13

Game: Cuphead

Number of Players: Single Player, Couch Co-Op

Genre: torture

Developer: Studio MDHR

Time To Beat: 9 hours

Rating: 1 out of 5 furbies

Recommend: yes

I hate this game. Seriously. It’s way too hard. If you are into that sort of thing, by all means. I hate it even more because I want to love it. The animation is amazing. Everything else about it is complete and utter bullcrap. I even like somewhat difficult games but this is on a completely other level of hard. Also a few of the bosses are very irritating and poorly designed (that robot was....ugh). When I beat the game, Kidechka said, “I’ve never been this happy” and then when I uninstalled it she said, “I am happier now than when you beat the game”.


So yeah, I recommend this game wholeheartedly.

Next up: A game I am pretty sure I bought because it had tentacles. I do love me my tentacles.  These tentacles rip and tear tho.


Backlog Files is a series where I, Aikage, force myself to play every game I’ve ever bought in alphabetical order. Stipulations: If I hate the game I don’t have to finish it, but only if I reeeaaaalllly hate it. Any game with no “end” doesn’t count. Any game that I can’t get to run easily is out. Any jRPG is automatically disqualified unless it has a sub forty hour length. Aint nobody got time for you persona/disgaea.


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