I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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As part of the SixTAY Days of Writing challenge, I’ve committed myself to getting back to finishing games. It has been too long since I finished one. A few days ago I asked you guys to help me decide what game to finish next, and you guys suggested Pokemon Sun because it was the one I was closest to finishing.

I have since resumed my playthrough and have made some progress. It’s only a sliver, finishing one of the trials and progressing the plot a slight bit. I battled a bunch of trainers, evolved the Torracat I recieved in a trade into an Incineroar, got most of my team to level 40, and fucked up some Team Skull Grunts. I stopped earlier today in the middle of going through the Team Skull infested Po Town as my 3DS was running low on battery and I needed time to write something before my tabletop campaign session anyway. If I’ve got some time later on tonight I may try to play some more, but we’ll see.


I’m thinking I will start doing backlog progress reports weekly for the duration of this writing challenge to document how well I do at chipping away at it. There’s not a whole lot to report so far, but hopefully by the next check in I will have finished Pokemon Sun or be very close to doing so. You’ve gotta start somewhere, even if progress is slow. I forgot how much I enjoyed Pokemon games and I’m not really sure why I stopped in the first place. Whatever the case, I’m glad to be back in the saddle, and I’m looking forward to updating you guys on my progress in the coming weeks.

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