I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Backlog Progress Report - Week 6: Almost There

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I made another chunk of progress in Arkham Knight this week, bringing the total from 75% to 92%. Finished off the main story and did a whole bunch of side missions and started the Riddler Trophey hunt. Ideally in the next week I will finish the game and move on to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.


I have to say, the end of the game was a bit ... anticlimactic. There final Joker hallucination sequence was fun, but there is no real reasoning behind how Batman triumphs over the infection. Then there’s no real fight against Scarecrow, it’s just done in cutscene with no real meaning behind the Red Hood helping in the end. He just shows up and disappears as quickly as he comes. And then the story just kinda ... ends. You actually have to complete all the side shit to get the real ending, which I was planning on doing anyway, but it’s a slap in the face to people who aren’t completionists. Then there’s Deathstroke. He feels kinda shoehorned into the end of the game just to be like “hey, remember Arkham Origins was a thing?” much like Firefly is like in this game. At least the gameplay is still fun.

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