I, uh... I may have something of a problem.

Okay, I know that I have many, many problems, but one that I should probably start facing is my backlog. Now, we all have one of these, especially the gamers among us, but tonight I saw a sight that, while didn’t shake me to my core, did force a “I may have a problem” face out of me. And before you say it, it wasn’t browsing my games and apps on my Xbox One (although that has gotten sizable over the past couple of years). No, it was when I was going through my ever expanding volumes of comic books, and I came to Injustice: Year Four, Vol. 1.

And just a few feet away, was another copy of Injustice: Year Four, Vol. 1.

No, I don’t have the receipt for either one.

I have to do something about this. There’s close to 30 unread books sitting next to my bed. Tons of DC Rebirth, various Marvel titles, a couple of Darth Vader books, and maybe an Image or Dark Horse somewhere. And that’s just my books. Of the 120+ games on my Xbox, over a third of them are unfinished. I recently caved and bought an HBO subscription through Amazon, which means there’s an entire season of Westworld and all of Game of Thrones to get through. And then there’s what’s on my PS4, a handful of DVDs here and there, and the anime... oh god, I don’t even want to think of that.


They all built themselves up for various reasons. Sales, frivilous spending, feeling sorry for Barnes and Noble (if that bookstore chain somehow survives the upcoming crash, I’ll be forced to believe in a higher power); regardless, I have to do something about this. But is there a way to implement a sense of motivation into hacking my way through a variety of media?

Ah, yes; reviewing it. I’ve written actual reviews for movies and shows; surely I can expand it to comic books and games, right? Anyway, that’s where I’m at: my goal is once for each week, to finish a book, game, show, etc., and then write up about it. I’m all but certain that others have done this exact same thing, but hey, if means I can really get into writing with no excuses, while doing other stuff I like... well, I think it’s a good idea.

Anywho, see y’all next week, hopefully with something finished, and an article to show for it. Onwards! (and if someone could help me post the comic related stuff to Observation Deck, that’d be really great of you since I don’t have authorship there yet)