I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Das Batmen und Robin ist wunderbar. Seriously, such a great game. I don’t know why nobody’s heard of this; nor why the inferior SNES version sells for 10x as much on eBay.


Batman & Robin is the best game on the Genesis in two areas: Music and graphics. Allow me to demonstrate... Start the video, wait a few seconds, then prepare to have your fucking mind blown.

And believe me, it sounds amazing times better on a proper sound system, coming straight from a Genesis or Retron 5. Subwoofer is ~required~ for this game, and is this coming from a man who hates the little shits that blast their subs for the “beatz”.


Anyway, let’s get down to the meat n’ pataters...


  • The fucking music. The soundtrack was done by Jesper Kyd. If you recognize the name, that’s because he’s more recently done the music for the Borderlands series and the first few Ass Creed games. I’ve no doubt this soundtrack was on his resume.
  • The graphics. I know similar effects exist in Contra: Hard Corps and Castlevania: Bloodlines, but I have not seen those games in person as of yet. Still - what’s on display here is nothing short of incredible.
  • It basically plays like Gunstar Heroes. That’s a good thing.
  • The art style does a fantastic job of tackling the look and feel of Batman TAS, which is an amazing piece of source material.
  • It would be a good game even if it weren’t Batman-related though. I love TAS, but otherwise, I have no real interest in comic books.
  • It’s only $15!


  • The game is short.
  • The game is hard.
  • The above two factors combine to make it a game that the casual player cannot reasonably expect to beat it without cheats. Can’t wait for the replies from the, “It’s supposed to be hard! Git gud fgt!” mouthbreathers.
  • Most of the levels consist of wave after wave of identical enemies. The overhead flying stage is especially bad in this regard.

I played through the whole game using a 10 credits / 9 lives cheat (vs. the default 3 and 3), and with a cheat that kept the weapons at full charge at all times. I probably could have beaten it with just the last cheat, but it still would have been a challenge.

As much as I generally dislike games that pad out a short length with extreme difficulty, this one gets a pass. Despite the flaws, there’s a lot to love here. Given that the going rate for a loose cart is roughly CDN$15, it’s a must-have for anyone who’s into technological marvels in retro games, fans of good vidya game music, Genesis fans (not the Phil Collins kind), or anyone who just enjoys this style of game.


Pick it up. It’s great!


Alright, alright.

I sat down and determined the collections that, as a percentage, had the most unplayed games. The top three were...

  • SNES (81.82%)
  • N64 (81.82%)
  • PS2 (80.77%)

Being that I own three times as many SNES games as N64, I went with SNES.

Being that half the SNES games I own are Super Famicom games that never came out in North America, I had my fiance decide if I should go with SNES of SFC. She chose SFC.


So, of the unbeaten SFC games I own, I chose...

Illustration for article titled Backlog Update: Batman  Robin (Genesis) Complete! Next Game Is...

It was a tough call between this one and Fire Emblem 4, but this one got the edge due to its incredible soundtrack, which I listened to several times this week while working on some documentation at the office. HERE WE GO!

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