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Balmung's First Convention

I went to my first convention today! EvilleCon to be exact. I have been preparing to go for the past several months and went today so that I could meet Chuck Huber, the voice actor of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and tons of other stuff. It was a strange experience but I really enjoyed it.

I saw some furries, tons of people dressed up, and a lot more young girls than I had expected. Mostly high school age girls from what i could tell. I suppose they are the most likely to cosplay because they were more apparent than the men.


I checked out the vendors, bought a cool One Piece statue as well as a EvilleCon shirt, and a wall decal for my friend.

I ended it with meeting Chuck Huber who was a super nice guy. I got my stuff signed, the picture above taken, and headed home to tend to my girfriend's sprained ankle. I had more fun than I would have expected and can't wait to attend one this summer where I can hopefully meet Vic Mignogna.

Anyone on here go to these sort of conventions often?

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