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Bardbarian: The TAY Review

This is a story about a barbarian who got tired of fighting, so he grabbed a lute, combined it with an axe, and started commanding troops with amazing guitar solos to defend his town, seems legit right? Well I don't know if it does to you, but something I can assure you is that Bardbarianis a lot of fun.

Brad was a barbarian for hire in a small town, until one day monsters attacked the village, and Brad being tired of grinding for xp and the usual barbaric destruction decides to use his crafting skills and makes a Lute out of an old war-axe.


You could call this game a mix of tower defense, with a little rpg, some bullet hell and METAAAAAALLLLL.


You are the Brad the Bardbarian, part bard, part barbarian, all metal. Gameplay consists of you guiding different classes into battle with the game currency, shred notes, by standing still the Brad gathers notes to create new units, also enemy kills drop music notes sometimes. You start out with archers, brawlers and wizards.


The game progresses by waves in a kind of tower defense vibe, in which enemies come from 3 spots on the far end of the town to try to get to the crystal on the other side and destroy it. The more you progress on waves, you unlock new classes like ninjas and wizards with sniper like lightning bolts. Fighting occurs automatically when you and your rpg generic army approach the enemy.


You also have 3 special powers, one raises strength, the other speed and the other defense, so far I have found myself using the first 2, but not the defense one yet.


The music in the game is very adequate, a mix of guitar solos and piano, always keeps the fast paced action flowing. Also its always fun to play guitar solos to call your army or use special powers



There are a bunch of classes and a bunch of combinations to be made, I love having 2 ninjas, 2 wizards and 1 Necromancer,. The Ninjas deal the physical damage spamming ninja stars, the wizards shoots lightning bolts that push enemies back and the necromancer poisons enemies that become part of your army after they died. I'm eager to unlock all the classes, there is even a Storm Knight, whatever he does will be total baddassery for sure.



There is a lot of grinding, which can be minimized by an in app purchase that doubles the coins you receive when playing. Upgrades abound, you can upgrade Brad´s health, speed, etc, you can also upgrade town buildings to produce melee or spell classes faster, and you can even get a metal pet raccoon that collects drops for you. But without the 2x in app purchase that if I remember correctly is at $1.99 you will be grinding a looooot, I recommend getting it, but also wish that it wasn't needed.



There are other game modes, the classic endless mode where waves and waves of enemies come at you forever, and a survival mode which leaves a bit to be desired, since it plays like a infinite runner, you need to run and survive for the longest distance possible, both give you coins, but I feel they could be better polished.


I assure fun will be had for your 99 cents, if you like tower defense and metal...go for it...

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