I'm really feeling it!

Yep, that BASIC.

Confirmed on Twitter by Smileboom's themselves, the Petit Computer DSi app is about to make it's way to the 3DS. Not just a port however, as noted by Smileboom's own president Takaki Kobayashi:

Currently, we are developing a new Petitcom (SmileBASIC) for the 3DS. This software allows you to easily implement the stereoscopic camera, touch panel, and sensors with BASIC commands, making it possible to create 2D games in BASIC that are on the level of a Super Famicom or PlayStation game. I believe that if there's an environment allowing you to easily make games, there will be young people who will show us new ideas that no one's ever seen before. It is our hope that young people will create something we never could have imagined.


SNES level games? I'm sold. Expect Petit Computer 3D to arrive somewhere around July... in Japan where by all accounts can be used as recruitment tool for the industry. Western release date soon? Let's hope so...

*OMAKE* A very handy resource page for any Petit Computer fans out there:Petit Comptuer Wiki

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