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Bask in the Absurdity of the Official Musical Tribute to Scorpion

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Mortal Kombat’s most well-known—nay, iconic—musical export is “Techno Syndrome” from The Immortals, so ubiquitous as to be universally considered the series’ theme song. But along with its release, there was more. So much more.


As in, a whole album of music inspired by the original Mortal Kombat. Where most of them are wrestler-entrance-style hype songs for each of the kombatants. And they’ve got lyrics like “JOHNNY CAGE IS NOT AFRAID TO DIE” and “FREEEEEEEZING VIBRATIONS!!!”

It’s exactly as hilariously fucking stupid in practice as it reads on paper. I also happen to kinda really like at least one of them.

Mortal Kombat: The Album
The Immortals
“Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent On Revenge)”

Scorpion’s time in the spotlight manifests as a slice of slowed down Prodigy-lite early 90's breakbeat rave. And I’m not going to lie, I think its fundamentals are quite potent! Plus, sometimes—especially at times when the lyrics not only include numerous repetitions of “LOST SOUL BENT ON REVENGE” but are delivered in some dude’s trying-his-best karaoke falsetto—you really just have to fully give yourself over to the camp of it all and roll with the punches.


Because the song is paced slightly below hyperspeed, it lends the drum break patterning a sense of deliberate-ness and punchiness that works well, especially when the likes reversed snares get additionally thrown in the mix. The way it uses voice snippets from the game, the alternation between Scorpion’s “Come here!!” and “Get over here!!” catchphrases, is also pretty damn effective.

What brings it all fully together as a satisfying song, though, is the rapid-fire arpeggiated synth melody during the “chorus” segments. It’s got enough of an aura of melancholy to give “Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent On Revenge)” a sense of emotion, consistent with Scorpion as a character at that, that’s a touch deeper than just the desire to dance.


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