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Yes ladies & gentleman, it's that time of the week for some music shuffling! Again I don't really have a topic for this week because I have the creativity of a rusty spanner, so it will just be the same as the last two times. You should all know the drill by now, go to your music library, shuffle it and then post the first 5 or so songs that come up. Feel free to give a little story behind your reasons for liking this song or why it means something to you. So without futher ado, let us begin!


Babys - Bon Iver

From Bon Ivers EP, Blood Bank, comes a relaxing, piano driven song about...stuff. To be honest, I have no idea what it's about. I think it may be about having children, but I'm more than likely wrong. It's not my favourite Bon Iver song, heck, I haven't really paid much attention to it. This is the first time I listened to it in weeks. It's one of the few good mood Bon Iver songs. I love how it's constantly building throughout the song until it just suddenly stops.

Liquid State - Muse

Coming from Muses latest album, The 2nd Law, the Bassist Chris Wolstenholme has decided to have a go at singing, with surprisingly good results. It's not the best Muse song but to me it's one of the very few songs on The 2nd Law that actually sound like Muse, melodically anyway. It's heavy both melodically and lyrically, and while it's not the best Muse song, I wouldn't mind hearing Chris sing again in future albums. It's also very similar to a certain Queens Of The Stone Age song that I love.


Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars

A song about the end of the world. It's surprisingly upbeat I think. This was the first song I had heard from them, I liked it, and then bought their album, This Is War. It also blew my mind when I found out when Jared Leto was the singer. There new album is pretty good, if you liked this I'd recommend picking it up too.


End Credits - Chase & Status Feat Plan B

I'm not the biggest fan of either Chase & Status or Plan B, but I think this is a decent song. I don't really have much to say about it, other than the fact this is the first time I listened to it in a long time yet it manages to hold up nicely.


On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

My favourite Gorillaz song. It's a beautiful four-chord turnaround, with a melody which tumbles from the sky like snowflakes, then takes an optimistic turn at the end. And those pizzicato strings plinking away are lovely. Damon sounds impossibly wise and kind of brilliantly hopeful at the same time, with that jaunty whistle that always comes when he makes a "sss" noise.


Well that's my five, what are yours?

Bonus round: Any concerts lately?

Have you been to any concerts lately? Are you planning on going to any soon? In about two weeks I'll be seeing Kings Of Leon and The Vaccines. I'm not a big fan of either, I'm going mostly because friends made me, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. You never know, I may come back loving them!


Done here? Get your perky backside over to Tayclassic, where the creative juices are constantly flowing. What? Your backside isn't perky? I heard the people over at the Open Forum know the secret to getting one. Boom! ConTAYct List coming right at you! Want to play Mario Kart with some of your favourite TAYers? Neryl has you covered with her Game Night. Sick of me throwing TAY links at you? Don't worry, it's only 146 days until Christmas!

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