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Battlefield 2142 Revive Brings Back EA's Abandoned Cult-Classic Shooter For Free

Battlefield 2142 took PC gamers into the future with mechs and lazers. Ten years later, the game is back and kicking.

2142 was essentially a futuristic Battlefield 2 which was a pretty great combination. In 2014, the Gamespy server shutdown took Battlefield 2 and 2142 to the grave with it. While you could still play Battlefield 2 on private servers, 2142 has been missing in action since then.


With the Revive project, you can now play Battlefield 2142 for free with up to 64 other players online. Via “BF2 Battlelog” you can register an account with the Battlelog (not in any way affiliated with EA’s official Battlelog server browser), download both Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142, and start playing.

I tested to see how active the servers were and even at 3:30 AM pacific, there were three 64-player servers almost full so you won’t have to worry about the servers being empty.

Gameplay is as good as it was originally. The game is gntense, fun, tactical and most surprisingly the visuals still hold up especially for a ten year old game.

Be warned however, the servers have some real issues with people spamming the audio commands and there are some serious connectivity issues. The only US server (one per continent) was consistently freezing for everyone on the server regardless of ping or internet speed.


EA seems to be turning a blind eye to this project. This is unsurprising seeing as EA itself had previously promised to keep Battlefield 2 and 2142 servers up after the Gamespy shutdown only to walk back that statement because maintaining the servers would be too difficult.

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