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Battlefield: Hardline Has the Best In-Game Radio Ever

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As long time Battlefield players, my usual group jumped at the Hardline open beta going on now as soon as we could. One of my friends and I had the same experience when first starting the game: Start the new Hotwire mode, get in the car, be greeted by an epic soundtrack to accompany the four passengers going out to murder the hell out of the other guys. To make it even better, the radio can be heard from a good distance away from the car by people on foot as well, leading to a few interesting moments. Add this to the list of "Only in Battlefield" moments.

My friend had the arguably better track, "Sound Of Da Police" by hip hop legend KRS-One. Playing cops, he took the driver seat, started blasting this song, turned on the sirens and started chasing down criminals with three fellow cops hanging out the windows. There was a moment later on during our session, with us on criminals, where I was capturing the Bravo objective on Conquest. It was calm, with our group passing out health and ammo to prepare for the next assault. I looked out a window of the motel towards the cop spawn point and heard the distinctive "Whoop whoop" just as two more fully loaded squad cars came driving at full speed.

I hadn't heard all of the tracks yet when I spawned in a car as a criminal, and I was surprised to be greeted by "The Death & Resurrection Show" by the long-running Killing Joke. The driving guitar riffs and pummeling Dave Grohl drumline built up tension as I drove back into combat, and the intensity of the song flowed with the intensity of the fighting.


There are several other standout picks on the radio list, like Run The Jewels, Death Grips, Judas Priest, and Public Enemy. I'm usually disappointed by the selection on in-game radio stations, but this one had several songs that I recognized immediately, and every one fits the aesthetic of the game so well. It amazes me how adding in the right music at a certain point can amplify whatever feeling one can get from playing a game. So, if you play games on any system other than Nintendo ones, go download the Hardline beta. It runs until Monday, and is amazing. I think EA has finally learned from their Sim City and Battlefield 4 disasters, as the six month delay has led to a significantly more polished game than BF4 was months after launch.

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