I'm really feeling it!

This is Richard Mattos. He is almost 60. And he is using a desktop at an employment center to find a job, as his unemployment benefits will run out on January 1, leaving him without any means to support himself.

I know we all like having a good time on here, and why the hell not, because this place is awesome. But, this picture has been haunting me for a while, now, and I feel as though it needs to be shared.


This picture — It captures, near-perfectly, the look of someone who is devoid of hope; a feeling replaced with a deep sadness.

That's not life. That's just being 'alive'. So, remember to be excellent to each other, and help those who you can, because those down on their luck will be grateful for anything someone could do; even the slightest gesture will give them a glimmer of happiness, a glimmer of hope.

...On a more personal note, I get my MRI on Tuesday, and the results sometime later, but the only thing that concerns me is if I can continue to support my folks, considering I've moved back in with them due to my ailments. I can't stop whatever I've got (or don't have), because I've already got it. But I can at least do something for them. That's what keeps me going.

And I know there are others here with their own issues, who like to keep theirs close to their chest, and some who need to talk about their problems because talking helps. However we chose to confront, tackle, alleviate, or quell our problems defines a part of us. Some seek to eliminate their problems independently, knowing full-well they can beat this by themselves. Others just need to speak their mind; hear their words, or see their thoughts jotted down.


I'm in the latter. And why not tell the TAY community, who have shown, time and time again, how compassionate they are, how genuinely they care about each other, and embody what humanity should strive to be.

I mean, if we hated each other, then why do Secret Santa? It would've been awful, albeit the gifts would've been hilarious.


So, be thankful for friends, your family, and everything you have, because things could alter dramatically, for the worse, in a blink of an eye. And I am thankful. I'm thankful for my friends, and family. Thankful for the folks here on TAY, who are great creatures and people.

Anyway, I think I broken character enough for one day. I think I'm gonna go lift — some stuff down to the basement for the folks. Because I am a helpful child.

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