I'm really feeling it!

Bear Graduates from University in America

Earlier today a Bear walked across the stage and shook hand things with 5 people and took a red cylinder. He posed for photos too. Cried tears the whole time too.

The Bear Graduated with a Bachelor's of Science majoring in Computer Gaming and Simulation also known as Game and Software Development.


So with a Bear having done this pictured here.

What's next? I start new job training in less than twelve hours of writing this.

I have three game articles (Kingdoms of Amular, Witch and the Hero, Remember Me. ) I never published. I will try and revisit them and get those out. Then I have no idea what to do after that.

I had MOBA project planned, A backlog Trek planned (Steam only).

I also wanted to do some pieces on The PS Vita's Free to Play games Like Destiny Of Spirits and No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles either.


For now the Bear plans to continue doing Internet things and trying to work normal job to make human dollars to play and buy video games.

The bear also celebrated in a fashion similar to this.

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