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Hey this is Novibear! This is another impromptu video game review. Today’s subject is: THE GUIDED FATE PARADOX!

So what exactly is this game like? Well if you have played a dungeon crawler before it is turn based and is very similar to games such as The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, Shiren the Wanderer, Izuna the Unemployed Ninja and a few others.


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This game follows the story of an unlucky high school boy Renya Kazallamasamakami san sama. Who despite having never won anything in his whole seventeen years of living suddenly won the prize to become god at a lottery wheel in the shopping mall. He had only been out grocery shopping when the lady dressed like a maid whom you later learn is angel forces him to spin the wheel. Talk about lucky! He is immediately whisked away to Celestia which I assume is like heaven and gets told that he will be granting wishes selected by the angels that wish for him to become a strong god VIA DUNGEON CRAWLING!

So you have the normal attacks, and divine attacks some dungeons have conditions like no partners or other stuff. One big condition is that every dungeon you enter you are at level 1. Upon completing a dungeon your levels are added to your total level count and this affects your base stats. So like me at the meowment I have a total level of 403 but my base stats are all around 93 which makes me a pretty bad ass level 1 Renya!

What’s different about this game is that your equipment is what makes your character or what determines there special attacks and of course how your stats are affected. However as you gain experience the equipment will max out and become half as powerful but it awards you a stamp that is used in the body modification. As weird as it sounds it reminded me of the license board from Final Fantasy Twelve. You can reburst your equipment to make it stronger and so you can use it longer than before.


You place those stamps you get on the board to up stats and put other modifiers on the board here is a video of mine its nuts!

Well with all of that going on you progress through the story through the Fate revolution Circuit, Granting wishes seeing how the real world is affecting by changing the fates of the believers in the copy world which the Fate Revolution Circuit shows Renyancat the bare minimum such as the issue, and the progression through it. Upon finishing a wish Renya is allowed to return to his normal life until the angels pick him up for what he has been telling his family and friends is a “Part Time job”.


I personally am loving the game. I had played it for about 24 hours as of this morning whenever I get the time to. I am on Chapter 6 which is really messed up. The angel who assigns it even delivers a message saying “This wish will really mess with your head.” If you like games in the vein of Disgeae as far as replay value it is endless really! Another game like them as far as crazy damage and massive leveling is Mugen Souls which I beat a while ago.

I know I am off focus at this point so let me show you some of the references this game drops.


Suikoden reference


28 X later reference



Seriously if you’re looking for a JRPG and want to do some dungeon crawling By all means pick this up. I highly recommend it. Seriously I have no idea where the story is going besides Renya training to become god to be the Angel’s Champion I have no clue what’s going to happen along the way.

Other note worth things:

  • The game has dual audio for both ENG and JPN.
  • You see your equipment on your characters.
  • The story is keeping me guessing.
  • Kuroliel is the best angel

My only issues with the game:

  • I wish I could zoom out more
  • The control scheme took some getting use to
  • Main personal angel Lilliel is annoying

Kuroliel says,"Go buy this game!"

EDIT: If you listened to Kuroliel and are starting this game SpaceGar has some great tips in the comments and here are some of mine.

  • Eventually in the game you will unlock divine summon sets this is a set of equipment That can be summoned over what you are wearing. Put your best stuff on this or things you have modded via synthesis or strengthened a lot. If you die in a dungeon you will lose everything equipped and the contents of your pouch as well as half the money you collected. if it's a divine summon set you won't lose anything. If only your angel dies they lose their equipment. YOU CAN HAVE Five sets of favorite things that will not be lost nomatter how bad you get wrecked!
  • Don't be afraid to level up. After the first chapter you can before moving along with the story tell Lilliel that you are not ready. (This had some funny dialog a few times which you may miss if you jump right on granting the wish) this will allow you to play through previously unlocked dungeons as well as find new equipment to burst and get stamps off of while increasing your total level
  • Try the other angels. or just ditch Lilliel and use Kuroliel she can make lunch! Lill
  • Divinigrams are key indeed as space gar noted. Don't forget to go through and unlock those tiles for everyone incase you want to try a new partner.
  • For long dungeon runs with bazaar's (Break points) Leave the angels you aren't using uneqquipped. Stash their things in storage. When you get to a break point you can stash equipment you picked up on the angels you didn't bring in case you get wrecked all of a sudden anything on the angels you didn't take will be safe. I got wrecked by a Strong foe. lost everything because you can't access storage but you can equip your angels.

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