I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Becoming the Player Character: Adventures of Not Existing [UPDATE!!!]

Hello to all you wonderful TAY friends! I’d like to give thanks all around for the ideas you gave me in my last post on this topic. I have updates, good news, and a request.

[UPDATE 10/25]IT’S HERE! I DID IT! IT’S UP!!! Thanks to a friend, my fund-raiser is officially live! Donate if you’re able, but please SHARE. Link here:


(Not sure wtf I’m talking about?That’s cool, it’s the internet and we all forget things after like a week. Check out part one at the jump)


UPDATE #1: I have an article coming up soon (like, a week-ish?) on Cracked.com, so hopefully someone well-versed in my particular predicament will perhaps peruse the site and offer some advice on an easier way to actually start my life! I am EXTREMELY excited about this, because it can absolutely assist with...


UPDATE #2: You wonderful and beautiful, magnificent people here on TAY (Muck, Stoncil, Datacide, et al) suggested crowd funding. So I looked into it, and I’m thinking of going with generosity.com - though that does bring about an issue that I need your help with.

REQUEST: I went to the site and started making fund-raiser. I no longer have service on my phone, so I was at the library. I filled it all out, giving a brief 3-section explanation (my issue, why it sucks, how to help) for starting a fund-raiser. I’m asking for $400, as that should cover the filing, taxes/fees, and transportation. Also, it feels weird to ask for money I haven’t “earned”.


Anyway, I fill it out and hit submit.It tells me I need to upload a picture or link a video. Well, shit. Now I have a terrible pic of my ugly self, and a photo of the name change form for the “Main photo” on my phone- but the library doesn’t have Wi-Fi, and won’t allow upload from the computer.

So, tomorrow I will attempt to set it up from my phone at a friend’s house. Assuming they aren’t busy, my daughter and I are gonna walk across town and use their Wi-Fi. (Don’t worry, small town)


But there is still a chance it could go wrong. Maybe, it doesn’t accept mobile, or maybe it’s like Kinja and can’t upload from my phone.

I’m sure you see how important it is to set this up ASAP. Cracked has a pretty large audience (which is wonderful), but the internet is fickle. Nobody will say, “I wonder if that article I read a week ago has a way to help, better check!”, because we’ll all be too busy with [insert topical event joke here] to care.


Now even though I am pretty confident in my chance of success tomorrow, and even though there’s a major risk of someone fucking me over, I need to have a back-up. So... Does anybody think they could help set this fund-raiser up if my attempts fail?

Thank you all so much for reading.

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