I'm really feeling it!

Intros / Outros of Animes! Monday Ani-TAY

TELL ME WHICH ONES YOU LOVE!!! Why? Because recently I started watching Outlaw Star again, AND DAT ENDING! It was playing the music where I was taken back, so far back into time and space to my younger days. I LOVED this song, I played it incessantly. And now, I force you all to listen to it!

On another note, a close second favorite if you will is the intro to Bleach a few seasons ago, I love this song so much. So much fun!

...yep, show me your favorites! MAKE ME LOVE THEM! I want to know your desires! I WANT TO KNOW YOUR SONGZ! FEED ME SEYMOUR!!


EDIT: As the lovely and wonderful Zarnypooxasaurous pointed out; this would be a fun Monday distraction. So alright TAY - show me your Anime muziks. Bonus points for the actual intro/outro and not a AMV (not that those aren't cool, we'll maybe do one of these for that later!)

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