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Collecting is an interesting past time. It can certainly transform from a mild hobby into a full-blown obsession in no time at all. As an avid collector of video games and video game memorabilia I have a great time scouring the internet and the real world for cheap collectables and major finds. There are times when I think I sink too much time and money into my collection quest, but then I look over at the glowing marquee of my Donkey Kong arcade machine and crack a big goofy grin.

Some games and items are rare and some are just fun to show off. Some are both! I love showing off my collection, however average sized it may be compared to others. So here are my favorite games and memorabilia from my current collection (which is mostly Nintendo related)

Donkey Kong Arcade


Power Glove (Sorry for the weird look...)

Hori Mini Controller (Japan Import)


Zelda OoT Pocket Watch


Star Fox Weekend Shirt


So what gaming items are you keen to show off? Post them below!

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