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Behold My Hatoful Boyfriends

Aren’t they just the cutest? Is everybirdie jealous yet? You should be.

Back in November, ESC-Toy Ltd’s Erick Scarecrow teamed up with Hatoful Boyfriend’s creator Hato Moa to bring some characters from the pigeon dating simulator (and nightmare fuel visual novel) to plushy life. The Kickstarter Campaign was successfully funded, and thanks to a lovely friend, I’m now the proud owner and girlfriend of not one, but three of my dreamboat pigeons.



Enough talking! More precious bird viewing!

Up first is pudding enthusiast, Okosan. While he may look the most plain, he’s probably my favorite. I’ll show you one reason why a little later in the article. His balance is off because he’s so well-rounded, but I’m okay with that. His roly poly ways means there are more antics to ensue. This is quite like him from his in-game mannerisms.

Next up is Shuu. Shuu is scary as hell in the game. Shuu is scary as hell as a plush boyfriend. His piercing red eyes are telling. They bore into my soul. His tie dazzles with a satin-like, colourful sheen. I’m in love.


Finally, we have Ryouta.


As a New Yorker, I find it only fitting that I have a common rock pigeon in my life. Those birds and I go way back. I observe them in their natural habitat whenever I visit another country. In Trinidad, I ate their kind in a red wine pigeon soup. In London, they were thin—thanks to clean streets and hidden garbage bins. This made me realize just how filthy NY is. Our pigeons are plump and don’t give a damn. And I’d have them no other way. In Japan, however, signs informed me that I should “not feed them because they could feed themselves.” I’m not saying I let green tea ice-cream fall off my cone in a complete disregard of this policy at Asakusa in Tokyo, but...


I adore Ryouta’s colours. He’s a true rat of the sky, with a necktie to show he’s not intimidating. But if you’ve played Hatoful Boyfriend, there are lies afoot. Fat pigeon lies.


The package also came witha slew of goodies, as ESC-Toy Ltd likes to do. Keychains of the pigeons’ human avatars came with each bird. Okosan doesn’t have a human avatar, and you shouldn’t judge him for that. I also received some really great, high quality pins featuring more pigeon love from the game. The crest of St. PigeoNation Institute is something I’d wear with pride, so I can pretend I’m the only human student at the esteemed academy. But the Labor 9 pin keeps me in check to manage those fantasies. Harsh. Also pictured: a lanyard.


Everything that came with this tier of the Kickstarter is just great. The plushes have amazing quality. The game’s school’s logo on each package is a nice touch.


Oh, right. I did promise to point out one more thing Okosan has going for him.

Just look at the tail feathers on that one.

I’m quite pleased with my pigeon harem. And if anyone else is highly disturbed by this post as I was when I was penning it, I’m truly sorry.

But no, I’m not really.

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