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Belated TAY Secret Santa Gift

Last year, the TAY community had the pleasure to partake in a Secret Santa event and watch nearly every TAYer showcase their fancy gifts to everyone (and battle it out over whose present was better :P).

I say “nearly” because I made the splendid (i.e. horrible) decision of leaving campus 30 minutes before I was notified of my gift being delivered to my mailbox, effectively leaving myself out of the special occasion. Talk about bad timing!

Well, it’s been over three weeks since the official reveal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t reveal to y’all the gift I received from “REDACTED”. Now that I’m back on campus, I finally got the opportunity to unwrap my present. So here it is:


A brand new copy of the PS3 version of Zone of the Enders HD Collection! Okay, so technically I already owned the game before I got my hands on my Secret Santa present. But I usually get duplicate physical copies of the same game/book, so I always have a backup in hand in case I lose the original copy (just so you know, I have two copies of Japanamerica, one for Montreal and one for college).

So I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to the TAYer who sent me a copy of this vastly underrated mech game!

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