Raspberry and chocolate: the sought after decadence that many crave. I, however, am not one that belongs in that particular bracket of 'many'. I may love a fresh raspberry but a love of chocolate? That is not always the case! To me, coating a piece of fruit is a blasphemous disgrace! "Why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good piece of fruit?" I often ask myself, as I gaze off into the night sky. That is a question that keeps me up at night. For reals.

However, when Ben & Jerry's released a new "core" line of ice-cream flavors complete with clever pun-filled names, I got a little bit bamboozled. The idea behind the 'core' line is one in which Ben & Jerry's split flavors of ice-cream (usually two different flavors) in half and then filled the center with something delicious. In the case of That's My Jam, the composition of beautiful is one half chocolate ice-cream, and one half raspberry ice-cream harboring fudge chips with a raspberry jam filled core.

I am going to be completely honest. Words such as "core", "That" "My" and "Jam" often addle my brain. But what about my taste buds? And my ear... buds? Is That's My Jam really my Jam?

Ooey, Gooey, JAM!


Well friends, I am here to report that the jam in That's My Jam really is the UmJammer Lammy rock star of the ice-cream world.

Nay! Of the JAM world!

The jam is of a thick consistency that, no lie, you will be tempted to eat on a piece of Pepperidge Farm Swirl bread (Huffinton Post, you know jam!). You would want a piece of bread that's been lightly toasted, with a thin coating of Kerrygold butter, topped with the jam in the core of That's My Jam.


You know what? Forget that.

What you need is a fresh piece of not toasted bread, with a slathering of Kerrygold butter that you then top with the jam in the core of That's My Jam. That's what you want to do. Yeah.

And when you're done doing that, you're going to re-think your actions. You are going to question that maybe you should have made butter cookies with the jam for a warm batch of thumbprint cookies instead. Way to goof up things up!


A Seedy Operation

The jam has raspberry seeds too. Everyone knows a good raspberry jam is all about seeds that weird you out when you eat them. Raspberry seeds are the gifts that keep on giving long after you've finished breakfast. Those precious moments when you feel one lodged between your teeth but you just cannot get it out, makes the day much more interesting.


Now, let me take it down a notch but not. The jam is a little too sweet. But there's a reason for that. It's called...

...Being One with the World.


There's a sweetness to this jam that will balance out the rich chocolate ice-cream on one side and the light, creamy raspberry ice-cream on the other. The jam brings those flavors together.

I talk about balance but really, the jam enhances.

The chocolate ice-cream has a dark chocolate-type (but not cutting or bitter) yum factor to it. This is the standard of the Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice-cream flavors I have tried. It's Fairtrade chocolate too! So you can feel just a bit better about the cocoa you consume.


On the other side of the microcosm world that is the pint of ice-cream, resides the raspberry ice-cream. It has a hint of sweetness but not overly so at all when you taste it on its own. It's quite good and has a delicate, raspberry flavor that can easily be enjoyed on its own merit. Adding that jam though to the raspberry ice-cream is again, a flavor enhancement to an already good tasting ice-cream.

Knight to E-5


In a bold move to try to conquer the world, Ben & Jerry's did something sort of crazy.

They put fudge chips in the raspberry portion of the ice-cream. At first I was undecided on where to place this point. As previously mentioned, I dislike raspberries and chocolate. However, when I thought about it truthfully, I came to the conclusion that the chips do not do much to detract from the jam or the overall amazing times. They add a sort of texture to the whole concoction when eaten as a whole.

Then again, it could be said that the chips do not really do much to add flavor. The chocolate portion of ice-cream covers all sides of a chocolate craving. I think many people really will divide what they eat. If anything, Ben & Jerry's made the perfect ice-cream that can be enjoyed in any way you choose to eat it.


Shenanigans in Quality Control


I do not know what goes in to putting that core of the ice-cream, thereby facilitating some sort of the Great Divide*.

*Author's note: Oh hey, Ben & Jerry's. I just saw what you did there. Utilizing the core of jam to bridge the gap between the microcosm world and bring everyone together for a greater good. What in the frosty heck am I going on about? That's some Ice-Cream Philosophy 101 right there. Keep up.

I suspect it is magic. Magic or a machine (but can I really trust the educational process on how the ice-cream is made as per the Ben & Jerry's website?). I prefer to believe that it is the same sort of sorcery that goes into filling jelly doughnuts.


So imagine my surprise at the earth shattering discovery when I opened the carton lid to find utter discord.

The jam was not centered! Truly, black magic befell the factory the day this carton was filled.


Fret not, for taking off a few scoops revealed that not all was lost. The core was in its heaven at the center, and all was once again right with the world. Crisis averted.

"Where are Mah Chips?! Chippolina?! Chippers!?" No. Actually, You Guys Have No Business Being Here.


For some reason, as mentioned before, there are fudge chips in the raspberry portion of the ice-cream. I stand by the fact that they are mostly uncalled for! With the sheer amount of chocolate going on in half of the batch, I have no idea why chocolate must live in both sections.

But I have a theory (other than that texture one I noted earlier). I feel as though the chips hide a darker secret. It's almost as if the Magicians and Magicians-in-Training at Ben & Jerry's suspect that you have a family member who will surely gravitate towards the raspberry portion of the ice-cream, and leave the chocolate side for you. Maybe that will not be a problem for many. But it does represent a classic case of the Neapolitan Complex**: Eating the flavor you like best out of a carton of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry instead of eating them all like you should.

**Author's Note: Neapolitan Complex is something I just totally made up but I am certain there are other households afflicted by this injustice.


What I am trying to say is that the fudge chips in That's My Jam encourage bad behavior. By including those chips, it's saying "You can still have some chocolate without having to eat the chocolate ice-cream! Others' preferences or ice-cream balance be damned!"

This has to stop!

Discovering You May Never Have the Chance at Greatness

Eight rows of the freezer section dedicated to Ben & Jerry's new "core" flavors were empty. This pint for review was the very last. It indicates this new "core" line is quite the hit. So instead of reading this, why aren't you running out trying to search the town for all those new flavors?!


That's My Jam is the flavor you may find yourself loving, even if you're not a big fan of chocolate. The chips do get in the way but they also add some texture, so there's that. The jam itself is top-notch and balances all the flavors to create something that should not exist. The level of impressive crafted in the pint is outlandishly high. Is it the jam for everyone? It certainly makes a great case for that.