I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, GameFAQs is currently playing host to to a competition to determine the best game of all time. From a list of 128 titles picked by the GameFAQs staff, a series of face-offs will decide the favourites as voted by the community. Sadly, the contest has already spawned some pretty ugly arguments, with one particular game generating quite a bit of furore. The battleground is ugly, so it’s fortunate that a talented individual by the handle of slimedrippings has put together a neat ranking tool that isolates the ranking system from all the vehemence and vitriol. It’s a simple game of this-or-that that serves up some tough choices as it steadily sorts your personal list. Be warned if you want to give it a shot, though: it can take up to an hour, depending on the consistency of your preferences.

My Top Ten

1. Diablo II

2. Banjo-Kazooie

3. Super Mario 64

4. Star Wars: KOTOR

5. Pokemon Red/Blue

6. Halo: Combat Evolved

7. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

8. The Witcher 3

9. Mass Effect 2

10. Skyrim

I’ve posted my top ten above, and you can see my full list here. It’s probably not the same as yours, and that’s good. We all love games for different reasons, and oftentimes those reasons make for great stories. I’ll start us off: Diablo II came out while I was making the transition to high school. Making new friends was a challenge, as I’m sure we can all attest to, but I lucked out when I discovered a group of gamers hooked on DII. They introduced me to the game, and over the course of several years, we each gave it probably a thousand hours of our lives. Some of my favourite memories are racing into homeroom Monday morning and excitedly discussing the loot we had collected over the weekend. So much of my early teenage years were influenced by the game, and I have no qualms with it sitting at the top of my list.


Okay, now it’s your turn. What’s your number one, and how did it earn that title?

Matt Sayer is 50% gamer, 50% writer, 50% programmer, and 100% terrible at maths. You can read more of his articles here, friend him on Steam here, or tweet him cat photos at @sezonguitar

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