Awwwwww FREAK OUT! Hey swingers, it's time for another BEST GAME OF ALL TIME. No TAY article has more capitalized words. I GUARANTEE IT.

This weeks "Best Game" genre is rhythm. What is the best rhythm game of all time?

My Pick: Elite Beat Agents (DS)

Why: Even though the DS was one of, if not the, best selling systems of all time there weren't many titles that held my attention. Elite Beat Agents was one title I just couldn't put down. It's just a great mix of goofy dance moves, daring adventure and well timed taps. I also liked the fact that, though they're covers, the songs involved are actual popular tunes. The Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents managed to earn a sequel, but sadly the NA version never did.


So, what's your pick for the best rhythm game of all time? ARE YOU READY? THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!

Side Note: Yes, I did buy DDR Mario Mix on day one. I still have the box and everything...