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I'm really feeling it!
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Best of Cosplay at Atlanta Comic Con '14

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I went to my first-ever Comic Con over the weekend. It was... not quite what I expected. (I'm not a reader of comic books or fan of the movies, but I assumed there would be a *little* bit more pop culture to enjoy.) The celebs were very D-list (Kevin Sorbo and "The Big Show" from WWF circa 2000 were the only ones I recognized), the layout was a bit roughshod, and there wasn't much in the way of game-oriented stuff. The one game-centered talk I did make it to was with a panel made up entirely of MMORPG developers, and all they wanted to do was talk about the MMORPGs they are developing. I don't play MMORPGs, so I was bored.


But! The cosplay was generally pretty good, considering the small size of the event. Enjoy my terrible photos and feel free to comment. Captions are below the imgur play-box (if I know them). Since this is a public forum, I decided to refrain from any snarky comments that might offend :)


1. FrankenChive's Monster
2. Pit and Link
3. Ming the Merciless
4. Deadpool and Elektra
5. Various gamer T-shirt prints (I especially like the Okami one, lower left)
6. Boba Fett
7. Knock-off Master Sword. Metal blade but lousy hilt. $60. They sold a ton of these
8. Prints by a DeviantArt artist. Loved the Chrono Trigger (upper right); most others are Mega Man
9. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. car (no idea why this was at a Comic Con, but then this is Georgia)
10. 1960s Penguin stole the 1960s Batmobile and was charging folks $10 to sit in it
11. Link completing a side-quest
12. The director / animator behind some of my childhood's worst cartoons
13. Iron-Dad and Mini-Iron Patriot
14. Cheap-ass Keyblades
15. Umm.
16. Harley Quinn
17. Androgynous Heath Ledger Joker and a burlap sack with a face and a pair of dice. (Any ideas???)
18. Hippie wizards
19. Captain America, Iron Man and Iron Patriot
20. Lil' Wolverine with severed right foot (don't worry, it's self-healing)
21. No idea
22. Pretty good Scarecrow (not sure if D.C. or Marvel universe)
23. Search me
24. "I'm a generic Umbrella soldier", he said.
25. Spider-Fam
26. Chun-Li
27. Batman with something in his toolbelt
28. Deadpool (there were like 30 of these)
29. Cop from "The Walking Dead"; random dude; Xena
30. Ringwraith
31. Knight Templar?
32. Pinky and the Brain
33. InuYasha
34. Quail Man
Not pictured: about 352 The Doctors

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